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The Marvel Age of Comics 1961-1978 (Ju)

75 Years Of Marvel Comics

ISBN 10 : 3836548453
ISBN 13 : 9783836548458

A mighty history: Building the House of Ideas From the very first issue of pulp impresario Martin Goodman's Marvel Comics in 1939, the comic book creators of Marvel's Golden Age fl..

The Golden Age Of Dc Comics 1935 1956

ISBN 10 : 3836535734
ISBN 13 : 9783836535731

"In June of 1938, Action Comics debuted with a new kind of comic book character on its cover: A costumed man with two identities, who possesed extraordinary strength and powers, a ..

The Bronze Age Of Dc Comics

ISBN 10 : 3836535793
ISBN 13 : 9783836535793

A history of DC Comics during the Bronze Age of comic books—a period from 1970 to 1985 when comic books tackled the tough social issues of the day—features insightful essays; h..

The Silver Age Of Dc Comics 1956 1970

ISBN 10 : 3836535769
ISBN 13 : 9783836535762

Collects original comic book artwork that depicts the 1950s science fiction rebirth of DC Comics' most significant characters, a time that "rebooted" the Flash, Green Lantern, and ..

The Threat Level Remains Severe

ISBN 10 : 9781910709320
ISBN 13 : 1910709328

A new colleague and a mysterious admirer make life infinitely more interesting for House of Commons secretary Grace, but is everything really as it seems? Grace Ambrose, Brett Beam..

Threads And Traces

ISBN 10 : 9780520949843
ISBN 13 : 0520949846

Carlo Ginzburg’s brilliant and timely new essay collection takes a bold stand against naive positivism and allegedly sophisticated neo-skepticism. It looks deeply into questions ..

The Story Of Christianity Volume 1

ISBN 10 : 9780061855887
ISBN 13 : 006185588X

In this fully revised and updated edition, the lauded church historian Justo GonzÁlez tells the story of Christianity from its fragile infancy to its pervasive dominance at the da..

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