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Supergirl: Book Three (Supergirl (1996-2003))

Legendary writer Peter David (The Incredible Hulk, X-Factor) teams up with fan-favorite artists Leonard Kirk (JSA, Fantastic Four) and Robin Riggs (BIRDS OF PREY, GREEN ARROW) in SUPERGIRL: BOOK THREE, featuring classic Supergirl stories!

Linda Danvers is finally hitting her stride as Supergirl. Linda was hurtled into the world of crime-fighting when she was rescued from near death by fusing with Matrix, a protoplasmic version of Supergirl. She is getting better at balancing her old…

Supergirl By Peter David 2

ISBN 10 : 1401265537
ISBN 13 : 9781401265533

In this bold reimagining of the Girl of Steel, Lex Luthor's familiar synthetic creation "Matrix"--who mimics Superman's powers in a miniskirt--merges with human girl Linda Danvers ..

Supergirl Book One

ISBN 10 : 9781401272852
ISBN 13 : 1401272851

From writer Peter David (THE INCREDIBLE HULK, X-FACTOR) and artist Gary Frank (ACTION COMICS, JUSTICE LEAGUE) comes the start of the classic series that created a revolutionary new..

Supergirl Cosmic Adventures In The 8th Grade New Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781401269883
ISBN 13 : 1401269885

Arch-frenemies, scheming faculty, an intergalactic orange kitty and a flying horse are just a few things that come her way. Supergirl is so busy as a hero-will she even make it to ..

Supergirl Identity

ISBN 10 : 9781401264123
ISBN 13 : 1401264123

In this volume collecting stories from SUPERGIRL #10-19 and INFINITE HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1, Supergirl finally adopts a secret identity, joins the super-team the Outsiders, battles Bat..

Supergirl Digital First

ISBN 10 : 1401262651
ISBN 13 : 9781401262655

In this collection of the six-issue digital-first miniseries based on thehit CBS TV show, Kara Zor-El's fledgling efforts are targeted at criminals whoescaped when Fort Rozz crashe..

Young Justice

ISBN 10 : 1563897482
ISBN 13 : 9781563897481

Klarion, the witch boy, turns the super-hero world upside down as he changes a band of young heroes into adults in an adventure which determines the fate of the planet...

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