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One-Punch Man Volume 2

Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking guy has a not-so-average problem – he just can’t seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on! He’s easily taken out a number of monsters, including a crabby creature, a malicious mosquito girl and a muscly meathead. But his humdrum life takes a drastic turn when he meets Genos – a cyborg who wants to…

One Punch Man

Pub Date : 2017-01-24 | Author : , ONE | Publisher : VIZ Media LLC

ISBN 10 : 9781421595351
ISBN 13 : 1421595354

While Saitama's distracted at a martial arts tournament, Centichoro, a threat-level Dragon monster, attacks! Metal Bat engages it in battle but struggles against its gargantuan siz..

One Punch Man

Pub Date : 2016-04-19 | Author : , ONE | Publisher : VIZ Media LLC

ISBN 10 : 9781421589800
ISBN 13 : 142158980X

Time bomb Garo, a monster admirer, finally explodes, attacking the Hero Association! Meanwhile, Miss Blizzard visits Saitama at his apartment. Because of his lower rank, she plans ..

One Punch Man

Pub Date : 2016-11-15 | Author : , ONE | Publisher : VIZ Media LLC

ISBN 10 : 9781421592909
ISBN 13 : 1421592908

Hero hunter Gato intensifies his onslaught, so of course Saitama decides now is the perfect time to join a combat tournament. Meanwhile, Class-S hero Metal Bat takes an assignment ..

One Punch Man

Pub Date : 2017-07-18 | Author : , ONE | Publisher : VIZ Media LLC

ISBN 10 : 9781421598437
ISBN 13 : 1421598434

At the martial arts tournament, Suiryu of the Dark Body Art shows promise with his outstanding strength. But outside the stadium, a large number of monsters are pushing the heroes,..

My Hero Academia

Pub Date : 2017-11-07 | Author : Kohei Horikoshi | Publisher : VIZ Media LLC

ISBN 10 : 9781974700851
ISBN 13 : 1974700852

The League of Villains has kidnapped Bakugo, and the resulting negative publicity has thrown U.A. into a huge uproar. With the public’s trust in heroes threatened, the faculty co..

Manga Manga

Pub Date : 1986 | Author : Frederik L. Schodt | Publisher : Kodansha Amer Incorporated

ISBN 10 : 0870117521
ISBN 13 : 9780870117527

Illustrated with the most representative examples of the genre, this book innglish explores the world of Japanese comics...

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