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Marvel The Avengers The Ultimate Character Guide

The Avengers

ISBN 10 : 1405356944
ISBN 13 : 9781405356947

From the Incredible Hulk to the invincible Iron Man to the amazing Spiderman, all 200 characters who have made up the The Avengers, the world's mightiest Super Hero team are includ..

Marvel Avengers

ISBN 10 : 0241007615
ISBN 13 : 9780241007617

Meet the Avengers, Earth's the world's mightiest Super Hero team! From the Hulk and Iron Man to Captain America and Thor, over 220 Avengers characters are included in this ultimate..

The Avengers

ISBN 10 : 0756690250
ISBN 13 : 9780756690250

Young comic fans can now learn everything there is to know about Marvel's very first superhero team, the Avengers, in a book that is filled with comic book art and stories about th..

Marvel Avengers

ISBN 10 : 1465430016
ISBN 13 : 9781465430014

A colorful, alphabetical guide to the Avengers universe provides a plethora of facts--including their powers, weaknesses, enemies and origins--about the Marvel characters known as ..

Dc Comics

ISBN 10 : 1405367784
ISBN 13 : 9781405367783

Meet your favourite DC heroes and villains with this essential A-Z character guide From Batman to Wonder Woman, the DC Comics Character Guide tells you everything you need to know ..

Captain America The Ultimate Guide To The First Avenger

ISBN 10 : 0241245907
ISBN 13 : 9780241245903

Find out everything you need to know, and more, about Steve Rogers, the First Avenger. Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger is a comprehensive guide celebrating..

The Marvel Comics Encyclopedia

ISBN 10 : 0756623588
ISBN 13 : 9780756623586

Introduces all of Marvel's greatest heroes and villains, with full details about their powers and careers...

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