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Infinity Gauntlet Box Set Slipcase

Infinity Gauntlet

ISBN 10 : 0785156593
ISBN 13 : 9780785156598

It's the Avengers, the New Warriors, the X-Men and more against the omnipotent Eternal, Thanos! The Mad Titan has become the most powerful being in the universe, and enslavement or..

The Infinity Entity

ISBN 10 : 9781302488666
ISBN 13 : 130248866X

When last we saw Adam Warlock, he was a captive of Annihilus of the Negative Zone. So where do we find him now? Hanging with the Original Avengers? Then things start getting weird...

Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath

ISBN 10 : 9781302377168
ISBN 13 : 1302377167

Collects Silver Surfer (1987) 60-66, Dr. Strange : Sorcerer Supreme 36, Warlock & the Infinity Watch 1-6, material from Silver Surfer Annual 5. After defeating Thanos, Adam War..

75 Years Of Marvel Comics

ISBN 10 : 3836548453
ISBN 13 : 9783836548458

A mighty history: Building the House of Ideas From the very first issue of pulp impresario Martin Goodman's Marvel Comics in 1939, the comic book creators of Marvel's Golden Age fl..

Crisis On Infinite Earths

ISBN 10 : 9781401242145
ISBN 13 : 1401242146

This is the story that changed the DC Universe forever. A mysterious being known as the Anti-Monitor has begun a crusade across time to bring about the end of all existence. As alt..

Silver Surfer

ISBN 10 : 0785166432
ISBN 13 : 9780785166436

The quest that led to Infinity Gauntlet begins here! Back from the dead, Thanos is after the power to bring the rest of the universe with him on a return trip! Can the Silver Surfe..

Fantastic Four

ISBN 10 : 0785184368
ISBN 13 : 9780785184362

The return of a hero! A clash of titans! Team roster shakeups! The sensational seventies serve as the source of some of the FF's most scintillating sagas, as this colossal collecti..

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